What is Mulch (GLT)

The new and innovative way to save water and Beautify landscape

Mulch is a type of organic material that is spread or laid over the surface of the soil as a covering. It is used to retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, keep soil cool, settles dust in the air and makes any place more attractive. It also helps improve soil fertility.
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Mulching for Soil Health and Water Conservation

One of the most effective multi-taskers for water conservation is mulch. This water saving, soil empowering material will amaze you with its miraculous qualities, making your landscape both beautiful and sustainable. Organic mulch is generally considered to be the most beneficial for plant health as it provides many services.

Improved soil tilth:

Tilth refers to how suitable the soil is for growing plants. Mulch provides both food and protection from delta winds, the hot valley sun, and frosty winters for micro- and macro- organisms living in the soil. This stabilized environment allows them to go about their business, contributing nutrient availability, aeration, and soil structure

Water conservation

Mulch is very beneficial for the area where there is a shortage of water. Mulch helps retain soil moisture by reducing evaporation, which will translate into reduced irrigation needs

  • Saves an average of 25% of water usage
  • Reduces surface evaporation by 70% to 80%
  • Adds valuable nutrients to the plants and soil

Healthy roots

Fine roots are highly susceptible to drought stress and high temperatures; mulch helps keep the soil cool and hydrated, enhancing plant establishment and overall vigor. Healthy plants are more resistant to pest damage, requiring fewer chemicals and less maintenance

Weed control

Mulch prevents annual weeds from germinating by blocking the sunlight from hitting the soil surface

Erosion control

With better soil structure comes better water absorption. Mulch also slows heavy rains, so water has a chance to percolate into the soil; in summer, mulched soils is less likely to form a crust, allowing for better percolation when irrigating.It also increases the fertility of soil. Mulch is a universal ground problem solver. It also covers the shady area where you cannot grow grass
According to Weston Nurseries, “Mulch is a security blanket for all plants. In the winter it will isolate the root and provide adequate moisture during the summer time heat.”

According to the research bulletin at University of Missouri, College of Agriculture, using mulch on autumn planted trees will show increase in water contents. Mulch can also be used for agriculture. Depending on the purpose, mulch can be applied various time of the year. For instance, the beginning of the growing season, if mulch is applied it serves to initially warm the soil. It retains the heat which is lost during the night and encourages faster growth as the season progresses.

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